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 Auctions by Jennifer (buying)

Buying at the auction is exciting and fun. There are many unique and highly desirable items to be found at auctions. If you have never experienced a live auction you should stop in and check out all the action.

Auctions are held at specific dates and times, see the calendar page for dates and times. The items that will be sold at auction may be viewed and inspected prior to the auction during approved viewing hours. Anyone wanting to bid on items for sale should register with the Auctioneer to receive a Bidder Number which will be needed to place bids on items.

The Auction will begin promptly at the given hour. At that time items are brought up for auction by the Auctioneer. Bidders have the opportunity to place live bids during the auction. Competing bids will be taken on a presented item until such time as the Auctioneer calls the item sold, at which time the high Bidder will be declared the winner of that item at their final bid amount. Bidders will be required to pay the bid amount plus a Buyers Premium and any applicable taxes.

A Buyers Premium is charged on all successful winning bids. Buyers may pay for their purchases via Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. A Buyers premium Percent (Please call for %) will be added to all purchases, there shall be a discount for payments via Cash or Check (Please call for discount information). All items must be paid for the night of the auction when won unless other arrangements have been made prior to auction.

Local Bidders that are unable to attend the live auction can leave an Absentee Bid. The Auctioneer will accept local Absentee Bids in writing prior to the start of the auction and the Auctioneer will execute those bids on behalf of the absentee bidder as if they were there themselves. Items won will be paid for in the regular manner. The minimum absentee bid is $10.00. [Example: If an individual leaves an absentee bid of $100.00 on an item and during the auction the absentee bid is executed up to $30 and no other bidders bid $35 then the Absentee Bidder will win the bid at $30.] Items won via absentee bid must be picked up and paid for prior to the start of our next auction.

Out of state absentee bids are accepted at the discretion of the Auctioneer. Out of state Absentee Buyers shall pay cost of exact shipping, packing, and insurance. Shipping costs are based on weight, destination, packing, and insured value.

*** Note: Auctioneers announcements, written contracts, and postings at auction shall take precedence in all respects with regard to statements herein..

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