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 Auctions by Jennifer (selling)


Selling via an auction is easy and fun. Items can be sold at an auction by consigning items to be sold. A person wishing to sell an item or items would contact the auctioneer and arrange to bring the items in during consignment hours for sale under auction consignment. The seller would fill out a consignment contract indicating the item lots to be sold at auction and respective terms. Those consigned items would then be brought up for sale by the auctioneer at an auction. Potential buyers would have the opportunity to bid on the items being brought up for auction.

Items offered for sale at auction may be sold at a price determined by the bidding of potential buyers, such sale price is subject to any reserves or minimum bid requirements and sale is not guaranteed. Items sold without a Consignor indicated reserve price may sell at any price. If a Consignor wants to place a minimum sale price on an item below which they would not wish to sell, they may do so by setting a minimum reserve price for that items sale. The Consignor shall submit their reserve price in writing on the Consignment Contract either at the time of consignment or prior to sale. Consignor must pick up any unsold reserve items prior to the beginning of the next auction. There will be a reserve fee charged per reserve not met by sale (Please call or email for fee). Items that do not meet reserve cannot be consigned in another auction unless sold without a reserve. Consignors may not bid on their own items, any consignor caught bidding on their own merchandise will be removed from the property and banned from attending or consiging items to future auctions.

A sales commission is charged on all consignment lots. Please call or email for consignment commission. If an item does not sell (excluding Reserved items) sellers must be present the day of the auction to remove unsold items. Items which remain not picked up the night of the auction shall be considered abandoned and may be trashed or otherwise disposed of at Auctioneers discretion without remuneration becoming due the Consignor.

Consignors will be paid the final sale price of their consignments less any commissions and or fees due. Consignor payment will be by check. Payment will be available for pickup three (3) days after sale. If payment check is not picked up within the next two auctions it will be mailed to Consignor at their address as indicated on their Consignment Contract.



We also work with Estates and Businesses to provide specialized sell offs and clear outs. We can provide additional services to estates and businesses with regard to their specialized needs, such as removal and other respective services. We can come to your site and provide a review of your items and assess your needs. Estate and Business auction services are negotiated on an individual contract basis based on the particular needs and services required for these unique situations. We take pride in providing professional and competitive services to our Estate and Business customers. Contact us directly if you have an Estate or Business in need of our services.

*** Note: Auctioneers announcements, written contracts, and postings at auction shall take precedence in all respects with regard to statements herein.. 

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